Documentation specification

1. Infringing documents shall not be uploaded

Infringement documentMeansA document uploaded by a user that infringes the intellectual property rights, including the copyright of others, and other legitimate rights without the authorization of the obligee or the legal agent of the obligee.

Common infringement document types:

a)Documents uploaded by users that infringe upon intellectual property rights, including the copyright of others, and other legitimate rights;

b)Adaptation, translation, annotation and arrangement of others' works without the consent of the copyright owner may infringe upon the copyright of others

2. The document title and introduction contain contents that do not conform to the document principles

For example, including advertising Pornographic, harmful to society, a large number of meaningless and other types of content.

3. The document attachment contains advertisements

a)    There is no advertisement in any form in the document attachment, including but not limited to website URL, telephone, email, content implied by advertisement, QQ, wechat, wechat QR code and other instant chat tools of direct promotion type;

b)   No watermark;

c)   There shall be no written description of the nature of promotion and publicity in the text;

4. It does not belong to the field of economic management

Think tank documents focus on the field of economic management, and documents that do not belong to the field of economic management will not be included.

Including but not limited to:

a)    Network novels, current affairs news, etc;

b)    Relevant contents of compulsory education courses;

c)   Technical articles and technical specifications that do not involve economic management in various industries;

5. The content of the document is too simple

Documents with too simple content and no communication value will not be included.

Including but not limited to:

a)    Official documents, notices and circulars issued by the government, organizations and the company;

b)    Short term analysis reports and investment strategies regularly issued by securities companies;

c)    Introduction to education and training courses;

d)    Content of conceptual introduction of terminology;

6. The same document already exists

If a document with the same or similar content already exists in the document library, it is not allowed to upload it again.

7. Document attachments contain garbled codes or cannot be displayed normally

When there is a problem with the document itself, resulting in normal browsing can not be guaranteed, the document will not be uploaded.

The content of the document is normal, because the document cannot be displayed normally or allowed to pass due to force majeure during the conversion process.

8. The quality of documents caused by other reasons does not meet the requirements

Including but not limited to:

a)    The title, introduction and attachment of the document are not related to each other;

b)    Multiple uploads after meaningless splitting of a complete document;

c)    Only extract part of the complete document and upload it;

d)    The document attachments contain pornographic, reactionary, obscene, personal attacks, private information and violent content;

e)    Document attachments contain contents harmful to national security;

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