Notice of rights

MBA think tank has always attached great importance to intellectual property protection and abided by China's intellectual property laws, regulations and binding normative documents. According to the requirements of laws, regulations and normative documents, MBA think tank has formulated measures and steps to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the obligee. When the obligee finds that the content on the MBA think tank infringes its legitimate rights and interests, the obligee shall timely send a "right notice" to the MBA think tank, MBA think tank will take measures to remove relevant content or block relevant links in accordance with Chinese laws and regulations and government normative documents.

Specific measures and steps are as follows:

If any individual or unit finds that website users have infringed their legitimate rights and interests by using network services, it can submit a right notice to MBA think tank.
Please note: if the statement of the notice of rights is untrue, the submitter of the notice of rights will bear all legal liabilities arising therefrom (including but not limited to compensation for various expenses and lawyer's fees). If the above-mentioned individuals or units are not sure whether the information available on the network infringes their legitimate rights and interests, MBA think tank recommends that the individuals or units consult professionals first.

In order for the MBA think tank to process the notice of rights of the above individuals or units more quickly and effectively, please use the following format:

   1. Provide the ownership certificate of the obligee's trademark right, copyright and / or other rights that can be exercised according to law for the suspected infringing content (if there is a ownership statement in the suspected infringing content, it is unnecessary to provide it);
   2. Provide the identity proof materials of the obligee, such as the copy of specific ID card or passport (for natural persons) and the copy of unit registration certificate (for unit legal persons).
   3. Provide a notice of rights, and the notice of rights shall at least include:
      1) Specific contact information of the obligee, including name, mailing address, telephone number, fax and e-mail.
      2) The web address of the suspected infringing content on the website.
      3) Statement on the authenticity of the notice:
      "I am the legal obligee of the complained content; the content on the website I reported infringes my corresponding legitimate rights and interests. If the content of this notice of rights is not completely true, I will bear all legal liabilities arising therefrom."
      4) Please sign this document,If you are a legally established institution or organization, please affix your official seal

Please send the above information and contact information to us in the following ways. By email, please send the above information in the form of scanning or taking photos:(Template download)

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