Product Manager

  • 1. Familiar with Internet products and services;
  • 2. Have unique product and user experience analysis ability and view, good logical analysis ability, excellent innovation consciousness and change consciousness;
  • 3. Be responsible for designing product prototype, clearly expressing planning intention, and have certain independent design ability;
  • 4. Be responsible for investigating and analyzing user needs, market needs and business needs, constantly optimizing products and improving user activity and stickiness;

PHP Senior Developer

  • 1. College degree or above, more than two years of PHP program development experience; Experience in large and medium-sized website development;
  • 2. Proficient in PHP / MySQL development, familiar with JavaScript, CSS and browser compatibility, familiar with development under Linux system;
  • 3. Experience in MySQL index optimization, distributed database query optimization and storage optimization, cache technology, static design, etc. is preferred;

Java senior engineer

  • 1. College degree or above, proficient in Java language; At least 2 years experience in java development;
  • 2. Master the idea of object-oriented design and development, and have certain ability of system analysis and design;
  • 3. Familiar with the principle of Lucene mechanism, with practical application development experience;
  • 4. Experience in search development, distributed processing and massive data processing is preferred;
  • 5. Love internet application research and development, good industry knowledge reserve is preferred;

IOS Development Engineer

  • 1. At least one year experience in iPhone / iPad software development;
  • 2. Participated in at least one complete commercial mobile application or development project;
  • 3. Proficient in Objective-C language, familiar with Mac OS X, Xcode and iPhone SDK development environment;
  • 4. Familiar with multithreading, socket network programming, TCP, UDP, HTTP and other network protocols;
  • 5. Familiar with iPhone interface development specification and app store launch process and rules, online works of app store are preferred; (provide app store link);

Android Development Engineer

  • 1. College degree or above, major in computer software and communication is preferred;
  • 2. Have Android platform development experience, be familiar with Android application development framework, and be able to independently develop high-performance Android applications;
  • 3. Familiar with data storage and network communication mechanism under Android, familiar with C / s application structure, deep understanding and experience in socket communication, TCP / IP, http / HTTPS and WiFi is preferred;
  • 4. Experience in successful application service development is preferred.

Online advertising sales specialist

  • 1. Unlimited education and major; At least one year working experience in Internet sales is preferred;
  • 2. Responsible for the company's product sales, looking for customer resources through various channels, developing the market and maintaining customer relations.
  • 3. Introduce products to target customers, conduct sales negotiations and promote business cooperation;
  • 4. Maintain and establish a good relationship between the company and customers, pay attention to customers' needs and track customers' feedback;
  • 1. Location: Xiamen.
  • 2. When submitting the resume, it is best to attach the work completed independently.
Interested parties can send resumes to email: (# changed to @). Works can be directly emailed or attached with link address in the form of personal website, online disk, online photo album, etc.