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MBA think tank( ), MBA Library in English, which means the wisdom treasure house of senior managers. Since its establishment in 2006, the website has established its purpose as a professional information service website focusing on the field of economic management, and is committed to promoting the summary, research and dissemination of excellent management ideas and methods, and promoting the popularization of modern management knowledge, so as to help Chinese people around the world improve their overall management level.

MBA think tank has four sections: think tank encyclopedia, think tank documents, think tank information and think tank training. Among them, think tank encyclopedia is the largest and most comprehensive encyclopedia of management in China, including professional knowledge in enterprise management, economy and finance; Think tank document is a leading management resource sharing platform, which contains a large number of professional management materials and is a powerful assistant in daily work.

At present, the MBA think tank website has an average of more than 300000 independent access IP and more than 500000 page views (PV) per day, ranking in the forefront of domestic peer websites, and the user group of the website is highly targeted, mainly including middle and senior managers of companies, MBA students, students of business colleges, etc.

Advertising type

At present, the channels of MBA think tank network's external sales advertising space:

Advertising forms: button advertising, text advertising, floating window advertising and e-mail advertising

Advertising space description

Advertising type number Advertising space description Graphic link
[advertising space on homepage of think tank]
Button advertising WWW-01 Think tank homepage banner advertisement (580x90), within 20K Illustration
[advertising space of think tank encyclopedia]
Button advertising WIKI-01 Encyclopedia. Top banner advertisement (234x60), within 15K Illustration
WIKI-02 Encyclopedia. Top advertisement on the left (200x60), within 15K Illustration
WIKI-03 Encyclopedia. Left middle advertisement (200x200) within 20K Illustration
WIKI-05 Encyclopedia. Picture advertisement at the bottom of the left (200x200) within 20K Illustration
WIKI-04 Encyclopedia. Advertising in relevant columns of entries (300x250), within 25K Illustration
WIKI-06 Encyclopedia. Bottom banner of content (728x90), within 25K Illustration
[think tank document advertising space]
Button advertising DOC-01 Documents - top banner ads (234x60), within 15K Illustration
DOC-02 Document. Picture advertisement on the right (250x250), within 25K Illustration
DOC-06 Document. Content bottom banner (728x90), within 25K Illustration
[information advertising space of think tank]
Button advertising NEWS-01 Information. Top banner advertising (234x60), within 15K Illustration
NEWS-02 Information. Top picture advertisement on the right (300x250), within 25K Illustration
NEWS-03 Information. Picture advertisement at the bottom right (300x250), within 25K Illustration
Mail advertising MAIL-01 Information. Weekly intensive e-mail text ads The text chain is limited to 15 Chinese characters + 30 Chinese characters description Illustration
[advertising space for think tank training]
Button advertising TRAINING-01 Training. Top banner advertising (234x60), within 15K Illustration
TRAINING-02 Training. Bottom picture advertisement on the right (234x60), within 15K Illustration
TRAINING-04 Training - content page picture advertising (300x250), within 25K Illustration

Advertising space diagram

Illustration of advertising space on the front page of think tank:

Illustration of advertising space of think tank Encyclopedia:

Icon of think tank document advertising space:

Illustration of information advertising space of think tank:

Illustration of think tank training advertising space:

matters needing attention

  • one   If there are trojans, viruses and other malicious programs on the page pointed to by the advertisement, the advertisement will be deleted immediately once it is found.
  • two   We will not accept the advertisements of sales volume. If there are events such as active spreading of Trojan virus in other advertisements, we will delete the advertisements immediately once found.

contact information

For details of advertising space quotation, please contact the sales department:

Tel: 0592-8269738 / 0592-8269737
Fax: 0592-5817210
E-mail: (# changed to @)

For cooperative promotion, please contact the promotion department:

Tel: 0592-8269739
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